Viable Seeds

via Daily Prompt: Viable

Last May, I went to the People’s Climate March. Someone handed out free packets of seeds for flowers that were supposed to be attractive to bees. I had no idea what kind of flowers were in the packets. I waited until the end of May so the ground would be warm enough and planted the seeds in pots just in case the mystery plants spread too much.

It took two or three months for the plants to bloom. I loved watching the wildflower mystery unfold over the summer. There were marigolds, snapdragons, bachelor buttons, red clover and other flowers I didn’t recognize. Unfortunately, the flowers didn’t attract bees.

I am not much of a gardener so I have never given much thought to whether seeds are viable. A viable seed is one that can be germinated under the right conditions. If seeds are stored in the right conditions, they can remain viable for years.

I have discovered that it is very easy to germinate snapdragons from seed. I let the plants go to seed, then scatter them on the surface of the soil.

One of the reasons I love wildflowers is that they are viable in conditions that often don’t appear to be ideal – a little bit of dirt, a little bit of moisture and a little bit of sun.

Viable. Capable of surviving in the right conditions.