To have an inkling

To stretch my writing muscles, I have made several attempts this month to write in response to daily word prompts. I will admit that I only do so if the word grabs me in some way. Today the prompt is “inkling,” a word that reminds me of my childhood. I rarely hear anyone today say they have an inkling but I think my mother said it a time or two. She also used to ask, “how does that grab you?”

I looked online for the meaning of “inkling” and the phrase “have an inkling.” An inkling is a slight knowledge or suspicion, a hint. And according to The Phrase Finder, “there isn’t much we can do with an inkling other than to have one.”

What else can you do with a slight suspicion than have it? Well, you can reject it or trust it or dig further to find out if your inkling is right. My mother taught me to trust my instincts. Sometimes all you need is a little knowledge, a little hint to know what you should do.

This is the second time in a week that a word prompt has reminded me of my mother. A few days ago, the word was silhouette and I remembered a silhouette someone made of my mom’s profile. One of my siblings probably has it. I spent several minutes poring through my little sister’s photo collection on Facebook but didn’t find it. I found memories instead.

I miss my mom and I miss her silhouette and I miss her idioms. Grief sure comes at the strangest times with little prompting.

via Daily Prompt: Inkling