Dominant Issues

On Saturday, while I waited for the Women’s March to start, a woman gave me a stamped postcard to send to my Republican senator. I seriously doubt that the senator gives a crap what I think but I decided to send the card anyway. The card has a tiny space to write what I’m concerned about and why. There’s no way I can adequately explain my political concerns on a postcard but I did my best. The three words I listed as dominant issues are loaded with meaning: Democracy, Decency, and Dreamers.


I’m concerned about our democracy for a variety of reasons. There is ample evidence that Russians attempted to interfere with our election process. Even if the president had won the election fair and square, his authoritarian tendencies are alarming. He seeks revenge against his political opponents, especially HRC. He encouraged violence at his worship services, I mean, his rallies. He attacks the legitimacy of the press on a daily basis because they expose the truth. He attacks the integrity of the Justice Department and the FBI because their job is getting to the truth. So far, the judicial branch has placed limits on his power but the legislative branch has not been an effective check.


Decency refers to “behavior that conforms to accepted standards of morality and respectability.” The president violates accepted standards on a daily basis. He lies constantly, even about unimportant matters. His comments about other people are vile, cruel, and profane. His constant boasting is revolting. As a businessman, he stiffed his creditors. He is a serial adulterer who has bragged about assaulting women.


“Dreamers” are immigrants, mostly from Mexico, who were brought to the United States as children. Although I care about all immigrants and refugees, I think that protecting Dreamers should be a priority because they are here through no fault of their own.

Mr. Gardner, not only do I hope you understand these issues, I hope you take your responsibilities seriously. I’m watching and waiting.

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