Radically Disruptive

I make no secret of my opposition to the president of the United States. Even his supporters would agree that he is disruptive. After all, he promised to “drain the swamp” and “make America great again,” presupposing that America was ever great in the first place. He has disrupted the norms of decency. As a person of faith, he destroyed my respect for American evangelism by exposing its hypocrisy. But as disruptive as he is to my notions of what is normal, he will never disrupt my life the way Jesus did.

Jesus disrupted social norms, but in a good way.

  • Instead of bragging about how great he was, he was humble.
  • Instead of being served by others, he was a servant.
  • Instead of seeking power, he was meek.
  • Instead of being greedy, he was generous.
  • Instead of condemning sinners, he forgave them.
  • Instead of being ruthless or cruel, he was merciful.
  • Instead of seeking revenge, he turned the other cheek.
  • Instead of hating his enemies, he loved them.
  • Instead of building walls, he opened doors.
  • Instead of being impressed with piety, he sees the truth in our hearts.

Jesus was and is and always will be the light in the darkness, the calm in the storm.

The rains come down, the streams rise, the winds blow. Life on this earth is disrupted. The house built on sand falls with a great crash. But a house built on this rock will not fall.

Image credit, Ivan Aivazovsky, Title “Walking on Water,” courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

via Daily Prompt: Disrupt

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