Suspicious from A to Z

In response to today’s word prompt, I made a list of suspicious things from A to Z.

  1. Suspicious activity
  2. Suspicious behavior
  3. Suspicious circumstances
  4. Suspicious deaths
  5. Suspicious email
  6. Suspicious fire
  7. Suspicious glare
  8. Suspicious husband
  9. Suspicious incident
  10. Suspicious jealousy
  11. Suspicious kitten
  12. Suspicious lies
  13. Suspicious mind
  14. Suspicious numbers
  15. Suspicious observers
  16. Suspicious package
  17. Suspicious questions
  18. Suspicious reaction
  19. Suspicious sound
  20. Suspicious transaction
  21. Suspicious url address
  22. Suspicious vehicle
  23. Suspicious wife
  24. Suspicious x-ray result
  25. Suspicious You song
  26. Suspicious zodiac signs

There are a lot of suspicious things for a person to be suspicious about. But who exactly is a suspicious person? Is it the person who feels suspicious of someone or something? Or is it a person who engages in suspicious behavior? How can the same adjective apply to both?

via Daily Prompt: Suspicious

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